Joining a Guild is Important

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Toto, we’re not in Wrath of the Lich King anymore. Blizzard has shifted gears again. This time, in Cataclysm, you are encouraged to join guilds and play consistently with guildmates as opposed to relying on pick up groups (PuGs). In Wrath of the Lich King, we were accustomed to being able to pick random players of any class and blast through heroics and a lot of raids. With the difficultly bar raised in Cataclysm and the perks of being in a guild, there really is no reason why you should not find a group of like-minded individuals to socialize and play with.


This is a online multiplayer game, afterall. Go out and meet people, or better yet, get your friends to start playing. If you have trouble socializing with people in-game, you can probably find a guild by advertising yourself in Trade channel. I did this on one of my alt characters: “Looking for social leveling guild.” I got a response instantly. By just joining a random guild, you can make new friends. If the guild members schedules are different from yours and you cannot play with them, it may be time to find a new home.

Also, try the World of Warcraft Battle.Net forums. Even if you are non-raider or still leveling, you can create a forum post stating that you are looking for a guild. State exactly what in the guild you are looking for. If you do not mind transferring your character or starting a new one, create a post on the “Guild Recruitment” forums, but if you want to stay on your current server, make a post on your server forums.

You could build friendships that last a lifetime. I have met people in World of Warcraft five years ago that I still talk to.

Guild Perks

The guild leveling, achievement, and reputation system is probably the biggest reason why people are looking for guilds now. Both are earned by questing, killing, leveling characters and leveling professions; basically, anything you do while in the guild increases your guild levels and reputation.

Guild reputation allows you to access items at the guild vendor. Some items also require you to have a certain guild level before you can purchase them, as well. For example, if you join a new guild that is level 12, you start at Neutral with the guild. You may want the guild standard, but you cannot purchase it from the vendor until your are Friendly with the guild.

Guild achievements also give you access to items from the guild vendor. Guild achievements are earned by completing raid and rated PvP content with your guild, as well as guild profession achievements. Such as, gaining access to the new fish feast recipe after the collective guild catches 5,000 fish.

Guild leveling is probably what is going to impact you the most. Each level provides its own perk. The perks increase substantially as your guild gains level. The perks include increase in leveling and reputation percentage, increased mount speed, decreased durability penalties, increase material gains from farming and mass resurrection.


See more, do more with your guild. Whether you are an avid PvPer or raider, joining a guild with people that are passionate about the same things you are means your chances of progressing are higher; you’ll be guaranteed to have more fun, as well. People complain about PuG heroics all the time, put that in the past. You do not have to PuG if you don’t want to. By, as said earlier, joining or creating a guild with like-minded people that play at the same times you do will solve a lot of your problems. Progressing through content with a guild, especially one where you really get to know the people or you have been in for a long time, is more rewarding than joining a PuG raid looking for someone with a “leet” gearscore.

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