Some major changes for Gurl IRL are underway! I don’t want to reveal all my ideas yet because frankly, not all of them will make the cut. The page will definitely be going under a major overhaul though. I have no estimated time of completion; it’s more or less whenever I feel like it. But don’t fret! I will be back and better than ever!

Some hints of what’s to come:

-Daily updates (maybe themed, maybe not. I haven’t gotten that far.)

-I will still talk about WoW, but Gurl IRL will no longer be a “WoW fan site”. It will cover all sorts of games and other hot geeky topics.

-Possibility of hosting my blog. DUN DUN DUN!!

Well, those are just a couple of the ideas I have right now. You’ll notice the changes as they come since I can’t really deactivate the site or anything.

I’ll start chatting it up again when this all is over with, you’ll see me promoting it on Twitter, etc. I just hope you all will enjoy the final product!




~ by Michelle on September 29, 2009.

One Response to “BLOG OVERHAUL!”

  1. Sounds exciting! Good luck on the overhaul, I like hosting my own blog/sites. Most places charge $6-10 a month (if chosen monthly for payment). I use DreamHost for my site, unlimited space & bandwidth for $10 a month. I’m running two sites off the same host plan at the moment (just need two domains and a hosting plan ftw).

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