WoW Casually

This isn’t a good-bye. Not in the least. Since the end of Bad Mojo WoW hasn’t been the same for me.

A handful of us from Bad Mojo transfered to Horde last week to just do some 10mans for a bit, then we were going to start applying to guilds on Mal’Ganis. As soon as we transfered to Horde we had an offer from the top Horde guild to possibly join up with them and give them a bit of a boost in raiding. That was total failure. Half their raid can’t stay focused or take what they’re doing seriously. We were attempting ToC Heroic 25man Northrend Beasts Sunday and the group of us left early because there was just too much bullshit going on for us. We told them as we were leaving, “Let us know when you’re ready to get serious about raiding.” From there we went on to do ToC normal/heroic 10man.

After some talk on the forums we all pretty much agreed that the game hasn’t been the same since the end of our hardcore raiding days in BM, and that we’re all interested in looking at different options right now.

Basically, we came to the decision to have 1-2 scheduled 10man nights in WoW. We all want to continue to play WoW and experience raiding, but we want to do it on a more personal, casual level. We’ll be raiding with just friends, and extremely talented players. What about the other nights of the week that we’d normally be doing 25mans? Well, a bunch of us bought Aion! We’re in no rush to level or do end game (if we even become interested in end game there), but we’re making it more about the experience of leveling and grouping with our friends. This also gives us time to do more stuff outside of MMOs with friends if we want to. Also, don’t forget about console games! I know I just bought a DSi that I’m itching to play, and I have like three console games waiting for me! 😀

I think overall I’ll like the more casual side of WoW. I’m just afraid of “purple jealousy” and boredom. If I get too bored I might want to start filling time with 25mans or the fact that I won’t be able to get THE BEST gear available in the game may really, really start to bother me. My friends and I are just testing the waters, getting our feet wet. We’ll see how it all turns out! 😀


~ by Michelle on September 22, 2009.

One Response to “WoW Casually”

  1. A lot of the things you mentioned is what kept me from apping to Edge/ZDT/LoE straight out of BM’s end. I only started apping to a few once October hit, right now I’m running with Convergence since I have some RL friends there, Noctum still seems a bit scattered as of last week.
    I told many of my friends that I would gladly make/join/run/whatever a 10man-raiding guild as long as we took it seriously because much of the “purple jealousy” and boredom can be solved with 10man HMs and even pug’n some for 25mans — imho.

    I started a Legion on Aion with some friends, I’m not much into the game now though. ( I’ve been lvl 22 for about 2 weeks now, I really don’t want to replace my WoW. =) I don’t plan to play it past the remaining free-time.

    I hope your Rawrcast deal is going smooth.
    Keep on blogging! I’m always willing to blog with ya if you’d like. =D

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