Last week I started AV leveling my rogue who was 72 at the time. Let me tell you, this is the way to level after you hit 71 on an alt. I will always suggest going through the actual leveling content at least once the way it’s meant to be just for the experience. I’m an lolore nerd, what can I say. Seeing that this is going to be my 3rd level 80, I think it’s time to take a sort of cheap way out.

The toon that I’m leveling through AV is a horde rogue; it’s also my only horde toon. I’ve neglected her somewhat. I’ve had her for about a year and a half, and only leveled her in small spurts here and there. I never got her to 70 before WotLK came out. After patch 3.2, and the introduction to leveling through BGs many people in my main Alliance guild started talking about how crazy the XP is in AV in the 71-80 bracket. And so it is pretty damn crazy! Over 18k XP per cap, and I haven’t taken notice, but I read on a site that each win is about 43k XP.

Next part, some of you may not like so much. I AFK in AV. Yes, I’m “that guy”. I’m a rogue so I’ll stealth on our base and pretend to defend, but I’m really not paying attention to the BG. What’s my excuse? I use that time to get other stuff done. Example: Right  now. I’m stealthed in Drek’s room on my PC, and I’m typing this on my lap top. I can get XP and honor while I’m being productive in other areas of my life. I know, I’m a horrible person. If I’m going to be in a BG I should participate, yadda yadda. Who cares. I hate PvP. I want to level easily on my 3rd toon.

A couple downsides of this is that I’m not leveling my weapon skills, I’m not getting any gear via questing/dungeons, and I’m not making gold. I usually wait until I hit max level before doing any crafting, so I’m discounting that (I’m even still in the 200s for lock picking). It’s not that big of a deal to me though. After I hit 80 I’ll just go back to do the “green” quests. I’ll blow through them while leveling my weapons and making more gold from them then I would have below 80. With the gold I make from quests/dailies I’ll be able to buy mats for crafted gear. I also don’t think it will be a huge issue finding some normal dungeon groups for gear and rep before I start doing heroics.

I’m definitely making out with the greater end of the deal. I’m sorry to everyone else in my AVs. I also don’t condone AFKing in BGs. I’m ashamed of it, but not afraid to admit it. Don’t fret. I’m almost done leveling, and you won’t have to deal with me in your BGs anymore.

Inc PvP flames.


~ by Michelle on September 7, 2009.

7 Responses to “SO LONG SUCKERS”

  1. AV Camper!!!

    It’s OK, we still ❤ you.

    I might do this on an alt.. but I have not got that bored. Especially since my main alt (that I'm leveling) is my pally, I think he'd be fun to PvP with some.

  2. Ah yes, I hate you people. But, I can still like you and hate you at the same time, especially since you aren’t in my battle group. 😉

    But, leveling in AV is amazing. It took me 5-6 runs to level from 58-60 getting about 8k per cap with WSG/AB thrown in while waiting for AV to open up, and my 74 Pally gets 18k/cap right now as well.

  3. […] wonder who it is that AFKs in your favorite battle ground? Well this is who. Of course, the previous post from the same author kind of explains the […]

  4. Ugh, I do hate you! 😉

    Really, I might check your blog again, and it certainly fits the banner billing….. but I think it’s an incredibly low class move and doesn’t make me too optimistic about the quality of the other opinions on this blog. It shows no concern for others, and is pretty shitty for those that are trying to actually play the BG. If you don’t like pvp, go elsewhere to level. It’s not like its hard to quest with rest. You’ll level really fast that way too, and not cheat others of their experience along the way.

  5. I think that this would irritate me more if you were the only one doing it. But both sides generally have 10-20 afkers especially around the times I play and its up to the few of us who actually want to make sure that we don’t get sucked into a 45 minute AV in which no towers get capped and we get honor farmed. I am not saying that you being unafk would make a difference, but it certainly isn’t particularly any faster (infact its a lot slower if you DO hit those 45 minute AVs), the only benefit is you don’t actually have to DO anything. Nice enough I suppose, if you pay 15 bucks a month to tab out and blog about a game you’re not actually playing.

  6. Apparently, some take people over the interwebz way too seriously. >.> And I’ll have you know I didn’t AFK EVERY game. Maybe like half.

    Nerd rage! om nom nom nom

  7. I do the same thing while at work, I lag so horribly when I play @ work, but I can AFK in AV and still level! Get over it, I get paid to play WoW, technically….

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