I’m an Entitled Bitch

OK. I’m a WoW player. I’m a blogger (sometimes). I’m also a person. I don’t like to sugar coat something if I don’t have to. Some people may like me, others may not. Now, I would like to repeat the title of this article, I’m an entitled bitch.

I don’t agree with the badge changes. Hell, even casuals I’m friends with don’t like it. They tell me they feel somewhat guilty or shameful just getting handed Conquest/Triumph badges for practically nothing.

“Oh, Astrella! It takes so long to do enough heroic dailies to get a Triumph item. I should be rewarded for my time.”

NO YOU SHOULDN’T! I don’t care if it takes you a year to get that one piece of Triumph loot. What you’re doing for it is considerably easier than what I had to go through to get it. Going to a Naxx pug with my alt and seeing some horrible, terrible tank with his T8.5 helm and a mix of poorly  gemmed blues/heroic epics enfuriates me to no end.

I do think though, and this might sound hypocritical, that my alts deserve the Triumph/Conquest badges. I did my time. I trekked through the ahlls of Ulduar wipe after wipe. I bested the Champions in the Trial of the Crusader. I think I’m still pretty damn deserving no matter what toon I’m on because I already worked painstakingly hard at it before.

Yes, again, I’m an entitled bitch. Take it as you will, but let me reiterate something I said in my “Ins and Outs” page about this blog: I’m not a casual hater, I’m a “downie” hater.



~ by Michelle on August 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “I’m an Entitled Bitch”

  1. I agree with nearly everything you said. In fact, I would say you are NOT an entitled bitch… but are instead an player who, like myself has been playing a lot of content for a long time. I was throwing heals on tanks back in the days of Ragnaros. I was dispelling sheep back when nef was progression. Now I see people 5-10manning them “for lawlcheivements”. At a personal level, I understand that people now a days don’t take that content seriously. I do not understand how ever, why people believe that just because they log in, that they deserve to be at the same gear level as those of us who have killed content they can’t even pay guilds to look at. These are the same people who fail at “watch the vid on boss “X” before tonights raid” then they cry because they get yelled at for being scrub. I think they should have kept the badges the way they were as a way to force actual gear progression. We hard cores did it, our hardcore alts did.. casuals can do it too. It will just take longer, which it should anyway.

  2. Forgot the internet keeps me anonymous:


    since I have the “ü” in my name it won’t properly pull up my armory. Just scroll the guildmember list til you see “shadowsoül” 🙂

  3. I will have to respectfully disagree.

    I, personally, agree more with the system set out in TBC (ie: New tier badge gear per new tier of raiding). It didn’t need to be the best of the best, it could be slightly worse than the previous tier of gear, however a person who took it upon themselves to better themselves as soon as humanly possible just for a shot was something to take into consideration over someone who was just looking for a step up after coasting through previous content with their “gearing guild”.

    I didn’t agree that the badges didn’t change over time, however, this is something that I have come to appreciate with WoTLK.

    When 3.2 hit I left behind a DK with moderate ulduar gearing (4/5 mixed, a weapon and a ring or two) to gear up a resto shaman who had just hit 80 and within 4 days I had every single piece of (conq, hero, valor) badge gear (and a few lucky drops within raids i took part in) I desired in order to have a shot with a worthwhile guild. And you know what? I got that opportunity, and am currently in a guild deep in H ToGC (not to mention a drake within the following 3 weeks).

    You have to realize that for a person who is absolutely dedicated and is just looking for a shot, this is a god send. If you are just pissed that some downy got a hat or maybe some shoulders, whelp, you can generally spot them from a mile away. I’m sure you realize this though.

    Anyways, good luck, and enjoy! You’re blog entries and rawr postings are entertaining : )

  4. If you’re an Entitled Bitch then I’m not sure what I am. =)

    Patch 3.2 will be remembered as the gear patch for sure. Between the badge changes and the ToC instance… there is plenty of gear to go around (for those willing to spend SOME time do/get it).
    It’s great for my alts, my main alt I play (priest) is better geared then some people I know thanks to Naxx runs before and after 3.2.

    I never really flame or praise what Blizzard does, I just try to trust that they know what they’re doing and that they have all player interests in mind. They’ve done well for the last 5 years so here is to 5 more!


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