One of the MANY Reasons Why WotLK Raiding Sucks

I was having a discussion with my fiancé earlier today about the “good ‘ol days of raiding,” and we realized one of the many things that WotLK raids lack. There aren’t any raiding reputation grinds. Remember the days of Hydraxian Waterlords, Zandalar Tribe, Thorium Brotherhood? Even in Burning Crusade, though easier, had rewarding raid reputations such as The Violet Eye and Scale of Sands. We haven’t seen anything like this yet in Wrath, and, frankly, I’m upset about it.

Issuing reputation for kills, and turn-ins for raiding made running the dungeon doubly rewarding. The more you ran the instance and got the necessary items, your guild would stand itself apart from guilds just starting out, as well as the gear that gradually opened up for you as your rep increased. You were regarded as a seasoned veteran of raiding if you had all three Cenarian Circle rep pieces, or the Brood of Nozdormu ring. Even in Burning Crusade, having the exalted Scale of Sands ring, or the Ashtongue Deathsworn trinket made you a cut above the rest (even if the Ashtongue trinket sucked for the most part). This is not to mention all the useful crafting patterns these raiding reputations would give you so you didn’t have to look out of the guild for a rare enchant.

The total lack of anything like this with the WotLK raids really does make raiding feel like and in and out process of getting your epics and calling it a day. It all seems very…empty to me. Just think back, for anyone who raided in Vanilla WoW or Burning Crusade. Remember the excitement you felt when you finally got exalted with The Violet Eye for your uber ring? Remember how satisfied you felt, jewelcrafters, when you got exalted with Scale of Sands and had access to all the epic gem patterns exclusive to Mount Hyjal raiders (I do realize they changed this, don’t worry)? Working towards an additional goal while raiding a particular dungeon made running it a million times over all that more fruitful in the end.


~ by Michelle on August 2, 2009.

10 Responses to “One of the MANY Reasons Why WotLK Raiding Sucks”

  1. If you have played WoW long enough, the content is going to get old no matter how new or innovative it is. I enjoy this article but it doesn’t touch on the fact the while WotLK may habor some of the easier content it also includes the toughest. That is including gems like Sunwell’s Mu’ru.

  2. I think you missed the point of the article to be honest.

  3. I agree totally. Rep brought a new depth (or maybe width) to the raids.

    have to say though, when looking back in time one often tend to ignore the bad things (unless you remember them *only* because they were bad). The reputation part of raiding had some boundaries to them as well, at least the vanilla ones, and could at times feel very grindy (new word? lol)

  4. I disagree that the trinkets or gem patterns made anyone a cut above the rest so to speak since that sort of thing doesn’t really speak for your skill (and there was a lot of terrible players on my server with exalted Ashtongue).

    However you’re right in that the raids are a bit empty nowadays. They’ve loaded up the argent tournament vendors with pets, tabards, gear and more, would it have been so bad to link some of that stuff to a faction who cares that you’re saving them from Kel’thuzad and Yogg?

  5. Rep grinds suck and have always sucked. Although the better a rep grind is hidden the more enjoyable it is. As such, when you don’t notice a rep grind at all, like in raids for instance; you are for the most part dedicating your attention towards the bosses and not the reputation gains thus it is slightly better and is more of a reward without having to grind for it.

    I actually believe they made the rep grinds in general better when WoTLK because of the heroic tabards, even if there are no such things in say Ulduar for example, who needs it?

    Grinding is boring and random drops extracts more hype than guaranted rewards.

    • That was my point. Understandably, in Vanilla raids, even the rep from raids may have felt grindy, but I think the best raiding reps were in BC. They went relatively fast in BC, and offered nice rewards for the most part.

      In Ulduar, some kind of Titan faction or something could’ve been thrown in. Maybe extra rewards from Sons of Hodir only obtainable through raiding Ulduar.

      Reps through raiding certainly isn’t the answer to make WotLK raiding better and exciting, but I think it would give it a bit more appeal. As well as making it feel more rewarding instead of just collecting purples from pixelated dragons night after night (like I said in my post).

  6. I miss 40mans in general but I think Blizz has done well for themselves with hard modes and the achievement system in general. Bring on the rep grinds though! 43 Exalted and counting….

  7. I sort of feel like I haven’t raided enough to chime in on this topic! D=

    I talk about the good ol’ days of Karazhan a lot but that’s just because I am the world’s biggest Kara fangirl, and not so much because of the rep and all that.. I think I’ll have to wait another expansion before I start discussing how raids used to be…

    *completely pointless comment, sorreh!*



    • Don’t know why I approved this. Should’ve moved it to Spam. /sigh..

      See you at raid tonight!

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