Mod Spotlight: TBag! Not That You Perv!

I want to do a smallish article on a mod that isn’t well known at all in the WoW community.  A lot of people use inventory mods.  Some of the more popular are Bagnon and ArkInventory.  Some of the downfalls of these two mods are that Bagnon is just essentially a “one bag” mod with a search function to find what you’re looking for, and ArkInventory you have to manually create categories to organize your items.  With my ideal bag mod I should be able to quickly and easily find what I am looking for.

This is why TBag-Shefki was suggested to me a long time ago by my fiancé.  One word of warning though, it is a bit resource heavy.  I don’t personally mind this because of how much the mod has to offer.  The best thing about this mod is not that’s just a “one bag”, but it also automatically categorizes your items for you so they’re very neat and simple to find.

(Please follow the image link to see it full size.  I had to make them small to fit the page.)

As you can see in the picture below my bags are all sorted.  You can also view your bank any time, anywhere!


There are other visible features right from the get-go.  There is the “Lock” button which will lock the window in place.  There are also the “Highlight New”, “Edit Mode”, “Toggle Bank”, and “Reload” options.

bag options

“Highlight New” is pretty self explanatory.  “Toggle Bank” is in the first picture.  “Reload” reorganizes your bags for you while they’re still open, otherwise you can just close your bag and reopen it to find everything in place.  “Edit Mode” (see below) is a customization mode that lets you dictate where you want the categories of items to go, how you want to sort them.


Another cool feature is having the ability to view any character’s bank or bags on your account from the character you are on.  Just select the drop down menu in the top left!

character switch

There are also different slash commands for TBag using /tinv followed by what you want to do.TBAG LIST

I think the most important command is the configuration command.  In there you will see alot of slide bars to set up columns, scaling, spacing, etc.  You will also see options to “Assign Cats” (or category) and “Add New Cat”.  So you can manually go into this configuration mode and tell TBag the name of categories, what it will hold, and where in the bag it will be (determined by the number of the category that can be seen in the “Edit Mode” image).


I will say that I have never had the need to open the configuration and change anything.  I like it as is, but the option is always there.

Last, but not least, I made a short video demonstrating some of the features of TBag that I just talked about.  Enjoy!


~ by Michelle on July 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mod Spotlight: TBag! Not That You Perv!”

  1. I use Bagnon, and have done for such a very long time that it just feels like standard issue these days.

    Always on the look out for new addons though, so will give this one a try over the coming days 🙂

  2. I also use Bagnon for my all in one inventory.

    Back when I first discovered addons (many moons ago) the first mod I installed an used was an All-In-One Inventory mod. I using/seeing multiple bags, hehe.

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