An00b’arak Indeed!

I, like most raiders, are hoping that the Crusader Coliseum bosses will be buffed while they are being tested.  Sadly though, I don’t think they will be.  On the topic of the Emblem changes, I believe that Blizz will use this new raid instance to “bridge the gap” of raiders so more people can experience Icecrown.  At least this is what Blizz is hoping.

Am I pissed about the bosses apparently being too easy?  Of course!  Blizz has strayed from following a path of linear progression, how raids SHOULD be.  Granted, Heroic versions have yet to be tested, and I hope they’ll be more challenging.  I’m doubting that the bosses will get little more than an HP and damage dealing boost.  You know, not much to nerf on the bosses later on when people cry that they’re too hard.

Even if a guild completes the Heroic versions, what is there really to set them apart from from the people that have done the other versions of the raid?  There are four different sets of Tier gear for each class now (this alone is a bad idea, causes too much confusion, and I’ll be upset if Blizz goes this route for Icecrown).  The Heroic 25man version is just BARELY an upgrade from the Normal 25man.  The achievements really don’t seem like achievements at all.  I feel like Blizz really put no time into this raid at all and are really using this as a way to create a bridge for players so they can get closer together as far as quality of gear goes.

Another reason I believe that Blizz is using the T9 content to help casuals and bads get better gear is because they’re actually testing Anub’arak on PTR.  Unless there’s something else hidden in the new raid that no one will find until the patch is released, this is just out right dumb.  And what’s worse is that people were killing him 25man Normal mode on their 2nd and 3rd attempts!  I’m not going to get into the fact that Anub was resurrected for us to fight again.  I don’t have an issue with that for lore reasons.  Anyone who does have a problem with it doesn’t know/doesn’t care about the lore.

Back on topic here.  Blizz seems to really wanting to let EVERYONE see their top tier content.  Can’t blame them for this.  They want to make money so of course they’re going to want to cater to the majority of the playerbase.  Blizz also is, hopefully, making Icecrown an epic raid as it deserves to be.  We, the players, will be pitted against Arthas for crying out loud!  I’m starting to think that Icecrown might be epic in the size and complexity of the instance, but with Blizz’s mindset and wanting everyone to experience the place it might turn out to be pretty lackluster.

Is this all enough to make me quit the game like it is for some people?  No, it will be a long time before I leave WoW.  I don’t even think the upcoming game Aion can take me away from WoW.  I’ll continue to chug along in this expansion with high hopes that the next one will be better.   What I really want from the next expansion is WotLK questing/lore/art style with BC raiding.  Now THAT would be epic!


~ by Michelle on July 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “An00b’arak Indeed!”

  1. Good points. So far the Coliseum and the entire patch has been pretty disappointing for raiders, except for the separation of normal and hard modes into separate instances, and maybe the lockout timer extension. The content itself is boring (exemplified by “not one, but TWO worms!!!!”, and the final boss being a repeat). It’s really only happening in service to their content schedule. Back before Wrath released, Blizzard acted like 3.2’s raid was some big secret that they didn’t want to give away. Now it seems like they just didn’t have any idea what to do, and came up with this place a few weeks before announcing it, and have thrown it together out of old art assets.

    Anyway, to stop ranting: definitely a gear reset so that even Naxx facerollers can see Icecrown. I have no problem at all with people like that getting to see the content. I just have a problem with the fact that they don’t even have to learn basic raiding or earn their gear beforehand like raiders did. Ideally, the game teaches them how to raid, rather than the current situation where Naxx is a joke and Ulduar is too hard for most “casual” raiding guilds to get very far in (while normal mode up to Mimiron is a joke if you are an experienced raider)

  2. Excellent article. We will be bringing this up and discussing a few of these points in this week’s show. Well done, sista!

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