T9 and the Crusader’s Coliseum: Not so bad after all!

I’ve been thinking alot lately about the new tier sets.  Mostly because of the fact that they’ve grown on me, and I can see the reasoning behind Blizzard doing what they did with them.

At first the revealing of the T9 had me in an uproar just like alot of raiders.  I bitched and moaned about how ugly they are, and how all the plate sets are the same, the cloth sets, etc.  After whining for some time about it (mind you not publicly on the forums, but to my fiancé lol), I started to wonder why?  Why would Blizzard make these ugly ass sets that all look the same?  I’m sure they knew that this would displease the general fanbase!

I immediately thought about the AQ40 raid sets from Vanilla WoW.  These sets were sometimes referred to as T2.5.  AQ40 was that really odd in between raids raid.  The raid sets were an upgrade from T2 in some ways, but they appealed to off specs more than anything.  This is my general feeling on the Crusader’s Coliseum.  I think that the Crusader’s Coliseum is meant to be a “filler” raid, despite there being four seperate lock outs.  Four seperate lock outs to me means that the raid will be exceptionally short.  Blizz just did their huge raid, Ulduar, now they need to balance it with a somewhat smaller one until Icecrown Citadel.  I know also that there will be a difference in difficulty between the two 10mans and the two 25mans, but they did have to go the way of four seperate lock outs instead of incorporating the hardmodes into the 10mans and 25mans. (I want to add that I don’t think Blizz will continue to do four seperate lock outs from here on out.  I think this is a one time deal because of the type of instance it is.  That is another discussion for a different time though.)  I think we are meant to be running Ulduar and Crusader’s Coliseum at the same time.  It’s bridging the gap between Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel.  Very similarly to AQ40 between BWL and old Naxx.

“Filler” is exactly how I view the T9 too.  Yes, it’s an upgrade from T8 for the most part, but the fact that Crusader’s Coliseum is a smaller raid, will take less time, and ultimately have less loot, we will still benefit alot from Ulduar items.  The legendary mace will still be useful I’m sure, and with loot from Crusader’s Coliseum to help more guilds will be doing Ulduar hardmodes and eventually kill Algalon (whose loot will most likely still be useful).  Most of the arguing is about the skins of the tier gear though.  All the cloth models are the same, all the plate is the same, all the leather is the same, so on… They are different, however, depending if you’re Alliance or Horde.  Most people think, “Big whoop!  I want my class to have a unique model for T9!”  You still are special, not in that your class is differentiated, but your affiliation.  Think in the terms of the PvP sets, this is similar to that.  If you think on an even bigger scale, Crusader’s Coliseum is essentially an arena!  So PvP type models differing between factions makes total sense.

Alot of people are calling Blizz “lazy” and whining and crying about it, but I say, “Good job, Blizz!”  T9 and the Crusader’s Coliseum is actually unique in its own right.  People just need to think outside the box and think of the Coliseum as being that time filler for one or two nights before or after the week’s Ulduar clear.  We, the raiders, have raided multiple instances in one raid week in the past.  This is no different.  The T9 sets go along with the arena theme that the Crusader’s Coliseum is portraying, and that’s all there is to it.  Except the fact that they’re pretty ugly, but weren’t all the PvP sets?

(If you haven’t seen the sets yet here’s a link:  http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=70805.0)


~ by Michelle on July 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “T9 and the Crusader’s Coliseum: Not so bad after all!”

  1. T9 might be a filler set, but even the arena season 7 gear is more visually diverse and not just photoshopped to change the colors a bit. Compare priest and warlock t9.. see? Not just similar, but identical, with a slight blue here and a little purple here to differentiate. Surely they could have done a little more, yes?

    Fedoldinn wrote his views here: http://quirkyquiescence.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/a-quick-note-on-tier-9-models

    • I hear what you’re saying. I guess I look at it from a “lore-ish” PoV, which is what raids have and PvP doesn’t have much of.

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