I broke under the pressure

Yep, I did.  I FINALLY signed up for a Battle.net account.  I haven’t for the longest time because of all the authentication issues I’ve been reading about, as well as the fact that I don’t have another game to merge it with.  I just wanted my damn Battle Bot really.  I’m still worried about having login issues everytime there’s a patch, but it seems like it gets resolved rather quickly.  Hopefully they have all the bugs worked out.

I do see now the advantages of having the Battle.net account.  It will come in handy for the release of Diablo3 and the “secret project” MMO that Blizzard is working on.

So was the pet worth it?  Maybe once I get some fuel in it.


~ by Michelle on June 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “I broke under the pressure”

  1. I switched over a while ago because I had more than one account. I like the combining aspect. In addition, I haven’t seen any of the issues that others have on patch days (could be because I am still at work usually until the issues are handled)..

    Other than that, I like the blog. 😀

    -Twisted Nether Blogcast
    -Asleep At The WoW

  2. So what benefit do you get out of merging with Battle.net?

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