Podcast Crack

So after making my initial post, I realize it was bad of me to not start blogging the very next day.  For that, I apologize.  I know I don’t have anyone reading this at the moment so I guess I really shouldn’t care though.   I’m going to make this first REAL post short and sweet because I’m just trying to get a feel for this.  It probably won’t be anything terribly informative either.  So here we go…

I started listening to podcasts about a month ago.  It start with just the Preston and Steve show, then I became a fan of a couple How Stuff Works shows, and a few history/archeology shows.  After a couple weeks of listening to just those, I realized I needed to expand my horizons and started listening to World of Warcraft shows as well.  I currently listen to Blue Plz, The Instance, WoW Insider, Rawrcast, and How I WoW.  I think I’ll just do a few mini reviews/thoughts on them.

Blue Plz:  This is my personal favorite.  The host is Total Biscuit from WC Radio, and is also an English EU raider.  The show is mainly about endgame raiding, so currently it’s about Ulduar25.  Sometimes he will talk about big Blizzard news as well (ie: the late crackdown on the addon and copyright policies).  I think I like Blue Plz so much because it basically describes what is going on with my own experiences with WoW at the moment.  I’m a pretty hardcore raider doing the 25mans, and so is he.  He also gets ranty sometimes about Ulduar nerfs, but I generally feels the same way he does about it.  The show is just full of great content, and I recommend it to anyone doing endgame.

The Instance:  This was the first WoW podcast I subscribed to because it is the most popular one.  It features Randy Jordan and Scott Johnson as the hosts, and a few other guests that have short clips with tips and tricks to add to your in game experience.  The show is mostly for a casual crowd, though both Scott and Randy dabble in some raiding.  The Instance is mainly just a really fun WoW podcast that covers some recent WoW news.  My favorite part of the show is always the “Quick Fire Questions”.

WoW (Insider):  This is a very casual show that mostly discusses exactly what you see from their website, wow.com.  They generally take the biggest headlines of the week and talk about it in the show.   Some of it’s interesting, some of it I can do without, but it’s overall a pretty good show.  Mike Schramm and the Turpster are two polar personalities that definitely have me coming back each week.

Rawrcast:  This show features a couple team, Hafrot and Stompalina.  They have good content, and even better guests, but they seem like they try too hard to be funny sometimes.  It sounds like they have to force the innuendo out of themselves.  I mainly keep listening because they always have a stellar line of up guests.  They’ve had Turpster, Mike Schramm, Total Biscuit, two members from Exodus, and they plan on having great ones in the future.  Their questions are always excellent too.  Give this podcast a try if you can handle their specific humor for two hours.

How I WoW:  This is probably ranked right under Blue Plz for me.  It is only released about 1-2 times a month, but the interviews are awesome.  The hosts are Shawn Coons and Patrick Beja.  Patrick really makes the show for me.  Though he has a somewhat hawty French attitude, he knows how to make the guests uncomfortable which is definitely what I like to hear.  Patrick is not afraid to get down to the nitty-gritty, and ask serious, and sometimes embarrassing questions.  This is also a show with a great line up of guests.  They interviewed Scott Johnson, Felicia Day, the Turpster, Mike Schramm, Veronica Belmont, and others.  They don’t just ask questions like, “What are you doing in the game?”  They dig deeper and connect their WoW experiences with RL experiences, and find out how the game makes the person.

Think that’s it for now.  I’ll write more soon!


~ by Michelle on June 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Podcast Crack”

  1. You missed the twisted nether blogcast! gasp!

  2. Just want to chime in that I love Blue Plz and Rawrcast especially (and enjoy the other ones on your list from time to time, but like you I’m more raid-oriented), so consider your recommendations seconded. I’d also recommend fellow WCradio shows Octale & Hordak vs. the World and Casually Hardcore for just being entertaining, and the Elitists as another raiding podcast.

    As for TN…I’ve heard about it a lot, but haven’t had time to check it out yet. My understanding is that it’s a show where they interview bloggers and other podcasters from the wow community. I’m worried it might be too …masturbatory? Just sort of acting like our little blogging/pod community merits a meta-show to talk about it? An incestuous networking tool for our community? Probably I’m wrong (often am), but that impression has slowed me down when it comes to checking it out. Like I’d rather pretend to myself it’s good and worthwhile rather than actually listen to it and find myself disappointed?

    Please disabuse me of these notions! In the meantime, I’m downloading an episode as we speak.

    • TN is generally about blogging. They have interviews with bloggers, but they do alot of WoW news as well. TN is also a great way to put yourself out there too if you have a blog. They have the TNT Cast, Blog Azerother, announcing posts on their podcast. It’s a popular podcast in the WoW blogging/podcasting community, and they definitely take notice of up-and-coming people. It’s not always the most popular, highly rated blogs/podcasts that are given a few minutes of mention on it. 😀

  3. No Elitists Podcast. Very irate.

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